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Boys & Girls Club Hits All-Time High, $115K

The golfers came off the course in high spirits. Their laughter was contagious. Miss Borrego Dennise Cecena hit every high note of the Star Spangled Banner and left the room in goosebump heaven. The silent auction bids rose... — Updated 3/25/2019


Millions of Dollars Could Fly Away

Millions of dollars a year has boosted the bottom line of many Borrego businesses these last several years due to military desert training operations that were billeted in Borrego Springs. Revenues the businesses’ owners and employees’ jobs came to depend upon. These millions... — Updated 3/25/2019


Super Bloom Latest: Nature's Greatest Show

No one is quite ready to use the "S" word, but Mother Nature has smiled down on the thirsty sands of Anza-Borrego and the possibilities of another wildflower Super Bloom are becoming stronger every day. Record rainfall, scattered... — Updated 4/3/2019


Model T Club

A group from The Model T Club of San Diego drove from Ramona to Borrego Springs Friday March 8. There were about six cars of vintages from 1911 to 1926 seen near Christmas Circle. In the beginning, Model T's bodies were wood,... — Updated 3/25/2019


Ratepayer Group Standing Firm on GSP Allocations

With the Draft GSP due for public unveiling at about the same time this issue hits the stands, the Ratepayer Group (RG), part of the GSP Advisory Committee, will be taking much the same stand as the Community Sponsor Group in pushing for a non-reduction over time in water... — Updated 3/25/2019


Bruce Hebets Succumbs to Illness

Bruce Hebets, age 59, passed away Jan. 10 after a long battle with cancer. Hebets began his career with the San Diego Harbor police rising to the rank of sergeant. After 14 years on patrol, he decided to set out on a new career in healthcare. He became CEO of Borrego Health in... — Updated 2/26/2019


Soroptimist Phone Book

2019 Soroptimist Blue Books are now available for a suggested donation of $7 at local Borrego Springs retailers. Visit Desert Robin, Borrego Outfitters or the Friday Farmer’s Market to get your copy before they’re gone. The Blue Book is a phone book specifically for Borrego... — Updated 2/28/2019


Fundraiser for BASIC – Because It Works

I’ll call her “Anna.” Her mother, a single mom with three kids, works two jobs here in Borrego Springs to help make ends meet. Anna is now a sophomore at a local college, doing very well because of her various well-earned scholarships. But without the financial support from... — Updated 2/4/2019


Supervisor Jim Desmond Hits the Ground Running

Our newly elected 5th District County Supervisor, Jim Desmond, is not letting any grass grow under his feet before moving forward quickly on issues of concern to his District as a whole and Borrego Springs in particular. "I'm... — Updated 2/12/2019


Annual Senior Center Fundraiser

The Borrego Springs Senior Center provides many services to our seniors – a facility for social gatherings, help with questions on health, financial, and legal issues – but perhaps the most direct and critical assistance is providing meals: Over 5,000 meals per year, or about... — Updated 2/4/2019


How Super is the Bloom?

If past is prologue, March should be a great month to appreciate desert blooms throughout Borrego Valley and the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Also great are concerns over traffic congestion when word again goes out, this time... — Updated 2/12/2019


Best Film Winner "Hawaii"

They say it’s the journey, not the destination that counts. So while we never actually see the lead character reach his geographic goal, the wild journey we’re taken on makes up for it. “Hawaii,” directed by Jesus del Cerro, is one of those films that sticks with you on... — Updated 2/7/2019


Borrego Blast – Review by Amy Ream

Since 2002, tandem bicycle enthusiasts have converged on Borrego Springs in January for a weekend of cycling and camaraderie. Last weekend, there were 50-60 cyclists with single and tandem bikes. Some are locals, some snowbirds and rain birds, and some came from Ramona, San Diego,... — Updated 2/7/2019

 By Jolene Nacapuy    News

Women of Distinction: Martha Deichler, Betsy Knaak

It goes without question that when you empower and educate a girl, you lead her to empowering a nation, and even the world. Point made, as two Borregan women, who are beyond altruistic and kind-hearted, have changed lives for... — Updated 2/20/2019


Rams Hill Victorious

Deciding what you want to eat is difficult, especially when you're trying to weight out which one is better than the other. So how does one judge the best of the best? From the juicy garlic butter shrimp, Asian-style sweet and sour... — Updated 2/20/2019


Montezuma Valley Road, Salton Seaway Closed

Montezuma Valley Road is closed from Palm Canyon to the 6-mile marker due to rock slides covering both lanes. The Salton Seaway is closed from Henderson Canyon to the county line due to flooding. All are advised to stay off the road, or if needed, please proceed with... — Updated 2/15/2019


Mongolian Consul Visits Borrego

"Sain baina uu, Khatagtai, Noyod oo Mongoliig surtalchilsan enekhuu uzesgelen." The rich Mongolian words rolled out of the Consul General's mouth as smoothly as Chef Tom and Pam's rich brown "mutton and marmot" gravy rolled into... — Updated 2/26/2019


Super Bloom Latest: Looks Good

It has already begun. "First bloom has started in the Borrego Badlands (lupine, dune evening primrose, and verbena)," Desert Research Biologist Kate Harper said in her latest Season Bloom Analysis, "where rain in October has given... — Updated 2/26/2019


Lost Parakeet

On Feb. 19, a parakeet was found outside of the Borrego Art Institute. Happy to return it for a good description or matching photo. Contact or 310-720-1552.... — Updated 2/26/2019


Desert Floods

2.86 inches of rain fell on Valentine's Day, a record setting amount, closing all the roads leading out of town because of the flooding. Montezuma Valley Road was closed from Palm Canyon due to a boulder blocking both lanes near... — Updated 2/28/2019


Senior Center Fundraiser

Bruce Kelley's demeanor when announcing the fundraising total at the RRC's annual event for the Senior Center, one would have thought it was going to come up short of the $20,000 goal. When the check was revealed to Senior Center... — Updated 2/26/2019


Mongolia Partnership

The grins stretched across everyone's faces like the great Gobi Desert stretches across Mongolia to the doorstep of Khovd Province, home to Borrego Springs' new Partner Town, Khovd, Mongolia. Officials from the two communities on... — Updated 3/5/2019


Support the Boys and Girls Club of Borrego Springs

In an annual event to help “change lives one swing at a time,” the Boys and Girls Club proudly hosts the annual golf classic, noted as the premier golf tournament of Borrego Springs. The event, which began in 1998, benefits the Boys & Girls Club of Borrego Springs and its yout... — Updated 2/28/2019

 By Michael Sadler    News

BASIC Raises Over $42K

What began with Jenny & Bill Wright and Phyllis & Dan Slade 30 years ago as a celebration of desert art and our environment called the Circle of Art (at Christmas Circle, hence the name), their BASIC concept (Basic... — Updated 2/28/2019

 By Phil Brigandi    News

2019 Pegleg Smith Liars Contest

It's true! After 43 years of aiming for April Fools Day, Borrego's famed Pegleg Smith Liars Contest has moved to the first Saturday in March – March 2, 2019. The contest features tall tales, shaggy dog stories, stale jokes,... — Updated 3/5/2019


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