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 By Dennis Mammana    News 

Summertime is on its way!

Officially, the summer solstice arrives this year on June 21 at 2:14 a.m. PDT (5:14 a.m. EDT). This time marks the exact moment when the sun reaches its farthest northward point over the Earth and signals the onset of summertime... — Updated 6/27/2022


Randy Voepel Opposes SVP Placement

On May 31, Assemblymember Randy Voepel (R-Santee) sent Judge David Gill a letter stating his strong opposition to placing Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Michael Martinez in Borrego Springs. In the letter, Mr. Voepel explained how relocating Mr. Martinez to a highly residential... — Updated 6/27/2022


Chamber Sundowner A Huge Hit

It was quite the turnout for the Chamber of Commerce's last Sundowner of the season on May 5. Live music by "Two the Moon," helped set the tone with covers of various songs, while those in attendance enjoyed delicious tostadas,... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Crime Statistics, Homeless Outreach, Emergency Medical Response Discussed at Sponsor Group Meeting

In keeping with the times, the May meeting of the Sponsor Group was a hybrid meeting, that is, there were an equal number of people who attended the meeting in-person at the Borrego Springs Library, and online via Zoom. While there were some minor audio hiccups at the start of... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

A Cosmic Coverup!

I just love eclipses. Not only are they fun to watch, but an eclipse is one of the few cosmic phenomena where we can see the movement of our heavens. If you're as intrigued by these celestial events as I am, then you must plan to... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Jim Fishman    News

Food Review: "The Propeller: Great Views, Food and Staff"

I went to the Propeller Restaurant for dinner the other night and was surprised to see the place packed with wall-to-wall pilots. They had just finished their competition, the most attended ever. Izon Eden were performing after a... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeing Red in the Night Sky

Beginning stargazers are often disappointed when they cannot see the glorious colors that appear in celestial photographs taken by massive telescopes. Experienced sky watchers know that this is because the human eye's color... — Updated 5/19/2022


DWR Awards $150M

Supporting communities that rely on groundwater... In an effort to boost water supply reliability for millions of Californians, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today announced its first round of funding to 20 agencies responsible for managing critically... — Updated 5/16/2022


Tubb Canyon, $1Million DWR Funding

The Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy (TCDC) announced today its three-year, $1M proposal to identify, assess, and monitor potential groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDE) in the Borrego Subbasin has been included as a major component of the Borrego Water District’s $6.2M spending... — Updated 5/16/2022


ABF Wins Award

The Anza-Borrego Foundation won the 2022 Public Lands Alliance Lands Partner Award. The Public Land Alliance Public Lands Partner Award recognizes an exemplary partnership for a stunning achievement to protect and preserve our... — Updated 5/16/2022


Borrego Village Association – Visitor Experience Plan

Visitors to the town of Borrego Springs know about Anza-Borrego Desert State Park; In fact, many stay there for the express purpose of spending time in the park. Yet, visitors typically consider their experience in Borrego Springs... — Updated 5/16/2022

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Nature Watch: "Ancient shoreline"

Standing in the desert sands at the rugged toe of the Fish Creek Mountains, it's hard to imagine this was once under water. But looking up, you see a line near the bottom of the bouldery mountain that marks the high water of an... — Updated 5/16/2022


AB 1729 Passes Key Committee

On May 5, Assembly member Randy Voepel (Santee) announced that his bill to address the burden of student loan debt in California has passed the Revenue and Taxation Committee. It will now be headed to the Appropriations Committee. Assembly Bill 1729 would amend the Student Loan... — Updated 5/10/2022


Town Hall to be Held in Fall

Each year, the Borrego Water District Board and Staff conduct a Town Hall meeting to update the public on key issues facing the Agency as well as provide an opportunity for Q and A. The original date for the event was in the Spring of each year, but due to COVID and the timing of... — Updated 5/10/2022


California State Park Senior Maintenance Aides

Meet Jim & Laban, California State Park Senior Maintenance Aids. Part maintenance, part providing public awareness on topics like Leave No Trace, Jim & Laban spend their days cleaning up after illegal activities- like... — Updated 5/10/2022

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Impacts of Climate Change, Not Debatable

Headlines that climate change is ravaging our desert, triggered the expected reaction of philosophical polarization but also the wrong debate. For the man who has lived here and devoted his working life to the plants and animals of Anza-Borrego, there should no longer be a... — Updated 5/10/2022

 By Michael Plekon    News

2022 Easter Sunrise Service by the Churches of Borrego

For the first time since spring, 2019, the Borrego Ministers' Association (BMA) was able to hold a community-wide Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday, April 17. The Service was held in the Cross Hill Garden behind the Methodist... — Updated 5/10/2022


2022 IAC36 Spring Hammerhead Roundup

The International Aerobatic Club Chapter 36 San Diego Hammerheads were back in the skies from April 21 – April 23 at the Borrego Valley Airport for the annual Spring Roundup competition. Even the windy weather conditions could... — Updated 5/10/2022

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Wildflower Treasure Hunt

Some years the desert wildflower bloom is like a rich gold mine, with nuggets scattered just about everywhere you look. When there is no Super Bloom, like this year, there are still wildflowers to discover and enjoy, but it's more... — Updated 5/10/2022

 By Nikki Symington    News

BSFPD or CalFire: Communicating Options

Bruce Kelley became concerned about financial problems facing the Borrego Springs Fire Protection District (BSFPD) after meetings with local paramedics, who were attempting to muster up a grassroots campaign to host a tax increase for the District as a November 2022, ballot... — Updated 5/4/2022


BSFA Endorse Supervisor Jim Desmond

The Borrego Springs Firefighters Association announced its endorsement of Jim Desmond, in his re-election campaign for County District 5 Supervisor. “The professional firefighters of Borrego Springs are proud to endorse Supervisor Jim Desmond’s reelection to the San Diego... — Updated 5/3/2022


Free Vehicle Day-Use Pass at Local Public Library

In partnership with the First Partner’s Office and the California State Library, State Parks is providing free vehicle day-use entry to over 200 participating state park units operated by State Parks to library-card holders. The California State Library Parks Pass is valid for... — Updated 5/3/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

A Planetary String of Pearls

A beautiful string of planetary pearls shines at dawn right now, but one of the coolest sights of the early morning sky is completely invisible. Well, sort of. Stargazers who know something about astronomy can find it every night... — Updated 5/3/2022


Easter Egg Hunt at De Anza

All had a wonderful time – adults, children, and even animals had a great time on Easter Sunday, April 17 at the De Anza Desert Club's annual hunt. The Easter Bunny also made a stop in Borrego Springs, taking part in the... — Updated 5/3/2022

 By Nikki Symington    News

Opinion: Rumor vs. Fact...

The Borrego Sun tries to follow up when someone calls with a concern, question or suspicion. While some are occasionally bordering on the edge of a conspiracy, we still check it out. We do this because we are a newspaper. When wrong information begins circulating, and playing... — Updated 5/3/2022


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