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 By Sanjiv Nanda    News 

Sponsor Group Discusses: Capital Improvement Projects, "Smart Growth" and Water Issues

At the Sept. 2 meeting, the Sponsor Group approved a 2021 Capital Improvement Project (CIP) proposed priority list. Traffic calming, and, pedestrian and bicycle safety, continue to be the primary concerns. The first two items on... — Updated 9/23/2021


VIEWPOINT: Wakefield SVP Fight

Interview with Ramien Shalizi, Vice President of the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce and General Manager of the De Anza Desert Club -- Borrego Sun: What most affected you about the proposed placement of a Sexually Violent Predator in Borrego Springs? Ramien Shalizi: “Like... — Updated 9/23/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

The Return of Jupiter

Anyone stepping outdoors at dusk this week will have a hard time missing the brilliant planet Venus glistening low in the western sky. It'll appear there for a few more months and, believe it or not, will become more than twice as... — Updated 9/2/2021

 By Michael Sadler    News

Weather or Not in Borrego: Rain!

Local folks who were up late on the night of Aug. 10 were treated to what has become a rare atmospheric phenomenon in and around Borrego during August – rain! Well, only a quarter-inch over three hours, but that’s something, right? Seems like we wait and wait and wait, but the... — Updated 9/2/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News

SVP Wakefield Protestation

The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce, along with the De Anza Club management and members took leadership in organizing the community to protest the housing of Merle G. Wakefield, under the supervision of Liberty/CONREP. They... — Updated 9/2/2021


SVP Wakefield Placement Postponed

District Attorney Summer Stephan's office just informed me that the placement of SVP Wakefield has been postponed. They are now requesting SVP WAKEFIELD continue in-patient treatment for a period of at least six months at the Department of State Hospitals (DSH) Coalinga. "As of... — Updated 9/2/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

The Perseids Are Coming!

I always enjoy August. For one thing, I can finally see an end to the searing desert heat where I live. For another, the Milky Way appears stunning in the night sky. But my favorite reason for enjoying August is that I get to... — Updated 9/2/2021


BVEF Names Board Fellow

The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) has named Karen Garcia as its first Board Fellow. In 2021 the BVEF created a new category of Board membership – Board Fellow – to encourage the participation of young and diverse... — Updated 9/2/2021


Rain Cloud

A photograph taken by a Borrego Springs resident of a "cloud dumping" off to the north, but it never made its way to Borrego. Thanks, Stephanie!... — Updated 8/25/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Nature Watch: "White-Winged Dove"

You don't see a lot of birds in the summer heat of Anza-Borrego, but one of the more common spring and summer species is the white-winged dove. On a recent afternoon walk around the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park visitor center,... — Updated 8/25/2021


SDG&E Bill Credit for Customers

This August and September, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) residential customers will see their electricity bills reduced by $34.60 each month – or a total of about $69.20 over two months, thanks to the California Climate Credit program designed to fight climate change. The... — Updated 8/23/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News


Merle Wade Wakefield, a sexually violent predator (SVP) will be moving to De Anza Country Club, unless Borregans convince Superior Court Judge David Gill that the multiple offender poses a threat to the community, living in the... — Updated 8/23/2021


Wakefield Crime Record

Merle Wakefield’s criminal record is worse than anyone imagined or has so far reported. The Borrego Sun reveals a criminal record that will make any placement of this Sexual Violent Predator (SVP) in Borrego Springs more than a threat, but a guarantee that he will reoffend.... — Updated 8/23/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Teapot and the Milky Way

Nothing in the heavens says "summer" to Northern Hemisphere sky watchers quite like the constellation of Sagittarius. On late July and early August evenings, we can find this prominent star grouping low in our south-southeastern... — Updated 8/23/2021


Borrego Water District

Following a Public Hearing on July 27, the Borrego Water District Board approved a Rate Study that ensures water and sewer operations, replacement of aging infrastructure and the beginning of an account for water rights acquisition are funded for the next five years. Following an... — Updated 8/13/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Acres for Anza-Borrego

They called it “A Really Big Deal,” and with more than 400 people registered for the Zoom event marking the transfer of 17,597 acres to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, it really was. The event was hosted by the Anza-Borrego Foundation that has worked for nearly 30 years to... — Updated 8/13/2021


Senior Center: Congregate Meals, Activities

The Senior Center is open and adding new programs and more people are coming to have lunch together again. Art classes, fitness classes and movies on the big screen are now resuming, lunches are being served, and everyone is welcome. The Senior Center is located at 580 Circle J... — Updated 8/11/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Perseid Meteors to Light Night Sky

Visitors and residents of Borrego Springs will not have to travel far in early August to enjoy a spectacular celestial show as the annual Perseid Meteor Shower appears in the midnight sky. The Perseids, so named because they seem... — Updated 8/11/2021

 By Michael Sadler    News

Drought Warning

Scientists in America and around the world are pointing to a vast accumulation of weather data that do more than suggest certain regions are, in terms of both excessive heat and lack of rainfall, in dire straits (See Graphic-1 ... — Updated 8/11/2021


Those Thundering Trucks...

A concerned citizen captured this photo of a big thundering truck making its way toward the grade on Palm Canyon Drive. The citizen has asked many questions, ranging from, "why has no one done anything about it," "where are they... — Updated 8/11/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

The Ringed Planet at its Finest!

The man who flew a kite in a lightning storm so that we might one day have electricity and penned such poignant words as "in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes," the great 18th century philosopher,... — Updated 8/11/2021


Trail Closure Update

Trying to find a balance between visitor safety and providing access to popular areas can be challenging. In an effort to reduce heat related injuries, on days when the heat index, forecasted by NOAA ( is expected to be 105°F or higher,... — Updated 8/4/2021


California Law Attorney: Creating Designation Documents to Help Your Children

At some point, most senior citizens will either want help managing their finances or will need someone else to handle their finances for them. It’s usually around this time when they also begin to think about the types of end-of-life treatments they may (or may not) want to... — Updated 8/4/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News

Goodbye and Thank You!

The Borrego Springs COVID-19 Task Force came together because people were concerned about the spread of the deadly pandemic in Borrego Springs with its large portion of residents at high risk of hospitalization and death, especially given its remoteness from hospitals and public... — Updated 8/4/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Nature Watch: Flash Floods

Any day now, summer skies in Borrego will fill with billowing thunderheads as monsoon storms push up from the Gulf of California. It's a dramatic change for the blank, blue sky of summer. The rolling thunder, nighttime light shows,... — Updated 7/13/2021


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