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Ehrlich Exits BWD Board

As an "institutionalist" on the Borrego Water District board of directors during his 2½-year tenure, Harry Ehrlich has helped steer the board through a host of complicated policy issues – financial solvency, critical capit... — Updated 7/3/2019


GSP Public Comments: Audubon Society

From: James A. Peugh, Conservation Chair, San Diego Audubon Society (SDAS) To: Jim Bennett, County of San Diego Planning & Development Excerpts: SDAS reviewed the Draft GSP for the Borrego Valley Basin to assess the treatment of groundwater dependent ecosystems and interconnected... — Updated 7/5/2019


Sponsor Group Highlights

The Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group met June 13 in the Borrego Springs Library community room. Pete Hilger of the Eukon Group presented for approval a minor modifications project that will upgrade Verizon’s facilities connected to the 100’ lattice cell tower located at... — Updated 7/5/2019


Borregans Cheer Race Across America Cyclists

Colan Arnold, Race Across the West (RAW) soloist in the Over-50 category, is fortunate to be alive. On the afternoon of June 11, about four hours after the start of the race in Oceanside, Arnold was heading down the 12-mile... — Updated 7/14/2019


Ashley Kvitek Departs ABF

She'd never seen a desert except in photographs before coming to Borrego Springs. "What have I done?" Ashley Kvitek asked herself at the Montezuma Grade overlook upon her arrival in mid-August of 2013. But since then, with six... — Updated 7/22/2019

 By Michael Sadler    News

Weather Or Not in Borrego

Spurred to new heights by a heat dome over Europe and Alaska, high temperature records in the Northern Hemisphere are not merely being broken, but rather shattered. In Anchorage, all-time record temperatures (90º F) were set... — Updated 7/22/2019


Bug Stolen, Suspect Caught

A 30-year-old man was arrested in the Julian area, in connection with a burglary and auto theft Friday July 5. Mario Cunha, an El Cajon resident, was booked into San Diego Central Jail, after an off-road Baja Bug stolen in Borrego Springs was driven off the road on Pine Hills... — Updated 7/14/2019


BWD Seeks Applicants for New Director

If you have the qualifications, the interest, and the time to spare, the Borrego Water District is seeking applicants for a replacement for outgoing Director Harry Ehrlich. Ehrlich resigned June 25, and the BWD has 60 days to select qualified nominees and fill his seat. A... — Updated 7/22/2019


Truths About Haiti: Part Two

Haiti has a love-hate relationship with electricity, in reference to the country, not the people. The leadership in Haiti struggles so tragically because there is a fight between the evolution of the country, and the mafia like... — Updated 7/30/2019


Another Year Counting Bighorn Sheep

A significant citizen science project is underway at press time as nearly 100 volunteers spread out to some of Anza-Borrego's most remote places for the annual census of desert bighorn sheep. Braving summer temperatures and rugged... — Updated 7/30/2019


California Gas Prices On The Rise

With the temperatures on the rise for the summer, so are the gas prices. As you’re filling up your tank for a fun summer road trip or for your daily commute to work, you’ll notice it’ll cost you a bit more than usual. California’s gas tax increased July 1, adding 5.6... — Updated 7/22/2019


Club Circle Raising Water Funds

With a sale of the Borrego Springs Resort (BSR) pending, officials at Club Circle are seeking funds to continue maintenance of the 9-hole golf course surrounding it. Club Circle needed to purchase water from the BSR to ensure a 90-day supply, and they achieved that goal, but are... — Updated 7/22/2019


Terms to be Made Public for Stipulated Agreement on GSP

The Sun has learned the Borrego Water District Board of Directors will be discussing and reviewing a Term Sheet that outlines a possible Stipulated Agreement by all pumpers in the Borrego Springs Sub Basin. The Term Sheet includes language that accelerates pumping reductions in... — Updated 7/22/2019


Quake Rolls Through Borrego

Aside from Fourth of July celebrations and enjoyment, Southern California was in for quite the shock, after two large earthquakes shook the lower-east Central Californian region of Ridgecrest. The rock was felt in parts of Southern California and Nevada, as far as Los Angeles and... — Updated 7/30/2019


Duo Dead at Double O

On Friday July 19, the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office determined that Corey Sides, 43, shot his mother Ann Sides, 71, and then turned the gun on himself at her home that they shared in the 2900 block of Double O Road... — Updated 8/7/2019


Stipulated Judgement on GSP in the Works

In his overview of the terms of a potential negotiated solution regarding water rights and management of the Borrego Springs sub-basin, BWD attorney Steve Anderson elaborated on the proposed governance system during the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) implementation phase.... — Updated 7/30/2019


San Diego Regional Fire Foundation Awards $146K

The San Diego Regional Fire Foundation (Fire Foundation) announced $51,000 in additional 2019 grants to local fire agencies to further improve the system of fire and emergency services in San Diego County. The Fire Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has... — Updated 7/30/2019


Soroptimist 2020 Blue Book: Additions, Changes, Deletions

The 52nd edition of the Soroptimist of Borrego Springs Phone Directory, popularly known as the Blue Book, is being updated. If you have changes to your listing or are new to the community and wish to be in the 2020 Blue Book, please send an e-mail to Be... — Updated 6/27/2019


Summer Time Has Come, Who is Open?

Many establishments in Borrego Springs are gearing up for the summer and closing up, while many others will remain open with updated hours for the time being. The Coyote Den at de Anza will be open Thursday to Saturday for lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday from... — Updated 6/3/2019


Swainson's Hawkwatch, Another Season Done

Hawk Watch 2019 is over, but once again the dedicated band of volunteers who observe and record passage of migrating Swainson's Hawks each spring were rewarded by the spectacular show of nature on the move. Borrego resident Hal... — Updated 6/18/2019

 By Michael Sadler    News

Borrego Entrepreneurs, Part III: Sudsy Sue

She lives a quiet, peaceful life in 14-acre canyon oasis, tucked into the foothills abutting the Anza-Borrego State Park. Her stone dwelling is dug into the side of a hill, providing insulation from extreme summer heat and winter... — Updated 6/18/2019


Death in de Anza

Borrego Springs resident Christine Tate was found dead in her home at de Anza. The cause of death at the time of print is unknown. More information will be provided in the June 13 issue of the Borrego Sun.... — Updated 6/3/2019


Be A Volunteer, Help Your Community

Take some time and volunteer at your Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce! Contact the Chamber of Commerce at 760-767-5555.... — Updated 6/3/2019


2019 Anza-Borrego Desert Photo Contest Online People's Choice Winners

The Online People's Choice Winners of the 2019 Anza-Borrego Desert Photo Contest were announced the week of May 20, via Anza-Borrego Foundation's Instagram and Facebook pages. The Online People's Choice is a voting contest... — Updated 6/26/2019

 By Michael Sadler    News

Tashi: A Spontaneuos Event

With only a few hours of advanced notice, about a dozen Borregans fortunate enough to be around and in the loop of notification back on May 11, were treated to a fascinating demonstration of artist-at-work at Christmas Circle by a... — Updated 6/18/2019


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