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 By Ernie Cowan    News

"California Buckwheat"

When you think of buckwheat, pancakes might be something that comes to mind for most people. But California buckwheat is a common local shrub that was more important to Native Americans for its medicinal qualities rather than as a... — Updated 6/2/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Annual Bighorn Sheep Count Top Return

As life continues to emerge from the cloud of COVID-19, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has announced that a full summer bighorn sheep count will return this year. Last year's count was abbreviated because of COVID, with fewer... — Updated 6/2/2021


Memorial Day

May we honor all the men and women who have sacrificed everything for our country. Thank you to all who have served.... — Updated 6/2/2021


A Call for Unusual Encounters in Anza-Borrego

The documentary “Shadows in the Desert” will be filming in June and July. If readers have stories to share, ghost lights, UFO’s, the Borrego Sandman, dog men, ghosts, etc., they would like to pre-interview you about appearing in the documentary. If you are interested in... — Updated 5/27/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News

The Facts of Emergency Air Evacuation in Borrego Springs

The previous article in the Borrego Sun, April 15 issue, (Page 15) on emergency airlift evacuation which attempted to explain costs and comparisons of the two services available in Borrego Springs led to one conclusion: Digging further into the weeds, legal, insurance... — Updated 5/27/2021


Stewardship Council Receives Key Funding

The Borrego Valley Stewardship Council (BVSC) announced it has received a $55,000 grant from The San Diego Foundation. Kathy Dice (Chair, Borrego Water District), a member of the BVSC Leadership Team, hailed the grant as critical to furthering the objectives of the Council.... — Updated 5/27/2021


Hammerheads Back in Borrego

The International Aerobatic Club (IAC) Chapter 36 San Diego Hammerheads were back for the Spring Roundup competition from April 29 – May 1 at the Borrego Valley Airport. And despite the warm weather, that did not stop folks from... — Updated 5/27/2021

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Serious Matters and A Touch of Whimsy at May Sponsor Group Meeting

A miniature golf course, proposed on a 1.8-acre property on Palm Canyon Drive across from Borrego Valley Inn, is sure to add a touch of whimsy to Borrego's downtown, and create a destination for tourists and a family-friendly... — Updated 5/27/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Rabbit Virus Threat

San Diego Humane Society is closely monitoring a highly contagious and deadly disease in wild and domestic rabbits called Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Type 2. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture in April,... — Updated 5/24/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News

Borrego Celebrates Mexican Mother's Day with a Little Help from Friends

Even though the pandemic threatened to close down important celebrations, Borregans have risen to every occasion with ingenious ways to be thankful and show appreciation for the special people in our lives. One such celebration,... — Updated 5/24/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News

Borrego Expands Paramedicine

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal from District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond to explore the feasibility of implementing a paramedicine program within the San Diego County Fire Protection District. The recommendation, which called for an expanded delivery... — Updated 5/24/2021


"Lets Go Borrego" Rider Reimbursement Program

The Let’s Go Borrego rider reimbursement program has now been in operation for more than seven months. Powered by a grant of $20,000 from the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund and fiscally sponsored by the Borrego Springs Senior Center, Let’s Go Borrego has shown itself to be huge... — Updated 5/21/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Why Is the Night Sky Dark?

If you're out looking for the moon this week, you'll have a tough time finding it. On May 11, it lies nearly in the direction of the sun (its "new moon" phase), but by May 13, it will appear as a thin crescent low in the western... — Updated 5/21/2021


Salomon Bello, Borrego Community Resource Center Manager

Salomon "Salo" Bello has been hired as the Manager of the Borrego Community Resource Center and the Feeding Borrego Food Bank. Salo is a relatively new full-time resident of Borrego Springs, having moved here within the last year w... — Updated 5/21/2021


Senior Center Board Director Joan Gustavsen Retires

After 25-plus years as a volunteer Board Director and homebound meal delivery driver, Joan Gustavsen attended the April 14 Senior Center Board meeting and tendered her formal resignation. Joan and her husband Peter have sold their... — Updated 5/21/2021


3.5-M Earthquake Rattles

A magnitude-3.5 earthquake rattled Borrego Springs in the early morning of April 28. The temblor struck at around 3:50 a.m., 6.4 miles south of Borrego Springs, at a depth of about 4.3 miles, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). No injuries or structural... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeing Halley's Meteors

Halley's Comet hasn't appeared in our sky for a quarter-century, but during the pre-dawn hours of May 6, stargazers will have a chance to see pieces of this famous celestial visitor. On that morning, sky watchers far from city... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Nature Watch: Hooded Oriole

They are energetic, colorful and add excitement to any garden when they arrive each spring. It's hard to miss the arrival of hooded orioles when these neon-yellow and jet-black birds show up after migrating from their winter homes... — Updated 5/19/2021


Star-Hopping From the Big Dipper

One of the most common questions I hear under the starry night sky is, "How do I find the North Star?" The North Star, also known as Polaris, is important because it stands directly over the Earth's geographic north pole, so if... — Updated 5/13/2021


Kasey Simrock Bids Farewell

Kasey Simrock – a name that many recognize, and when you see her, you can't help but notice that huge smile on her face. However, that smiling, jubilant and radiant character you'll find happily wandering La Casa Del Zorro or... — Updated 5/13/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News

Borrego's Human Safety Net: The Borrego Ministers Association

One thing that makes Borrego Springs a special place to live is the way the community cares for the most vulnerable and needy. Due to the isolation and distance from urban centers and urban social services, when the pandemic hit the community hard, volunteers, businesses and... — Updated 5/13/2021

 By Geoff Poole    News

Borrego Water District Update

At its April 27, 2021 Board Meeting, the Borrego Water District (BWD) received a presentation from its experts at the nationwide firm of Raftelis Financial Consultants (RFC) on the Rate Study (Study) for water and sewer. RFC began this process approximately one year ago with the d... — Updated 5/6/2021


Leave No Trace In Your Happy Place

As we head out of spring and into early summer, daytime activities will start to decrease while nighttime activities will increase, which means summer campfires. We know how fun it is to sit around a campfire, watch for shooting... — Updated 5/6/2021

 By J.David Garmon MD    News

Public Presentation for Regional Conveyance System Set

On May 6, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group will host a public presentation on the San Diego County Water Authority’s (CWA) proposed Regional Conveyance System. (RCS). The meeting will be held via Zoom. Community members who wish to attend this... — Updated 5/6/2021


De Anza Pipelines Accepted

On March 9, The Board of Directors of the Borrego Water District formally accepted a series of pipelines around De Anza Country Club, specifically sections of Montezuma Lane, De Anza Drive and Yaqui Road. The new waterlines were needed due to the old age, relative high system... — Updated 4/1/2021


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