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"The Hypocrisy of COVID vs. Economy"

Everyday tens of thousands of people safely shop at big box retail and grocery stores where respectful San Diego shoppers obey the mask, social distancing and sanitation protocols. Churches, museums, restaurants, and the Zoo are now open, but to a limited 25% capacity. Legoland,... — Updated 9/21/2020


"Water Rights vs. Water Wrongs"

I’ve tried, for a long time, to keep my mouth shut – be a good and compliant citizen. Now, I’ve reached the point at which I can no longer suffer the lack of logic and reason foisted upon the public by the SGMA and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR regarding... — Updated 9/17/2020


"Thoughts on Borrego Days"

I have some thoughts about the Borrego Days Festival. Being a part time resident homeowner and former business owner, I thinking back to better days. There used to be two Borrego Desert Celebrations (The Grapefruit Festival and Borrego Days), both had smaller crowds filled mainly... — Updated 9/8/2020


"Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"

Let’s start with the good news. Your continued pressure has been felt in Sacramento and some businesses are able to reopen, at least partially. I’ve talked to many of you who didn’t know if your business would be able to survive any more shutdowns. I know those in the hair,... — Updated 9/3/2020


"Pharmacy & Post Office Personnel"

Regarding the letter in the previous issue (June 25, 2020 issue of the Borrego Sun, Page 6), concerning the Pharmacy staff. I have lived in Borrego Springs since 1988 and have never had a problem with any of the staff here. They are friendly, courteous, and willing to help in any... — Updated 8/28/2020



Over the last four months. there have been many unknowns regarding COVID-19, but as time has progressed, we have learned a lot too. We’ve learned that those with underlying health conditions are more susceptible to the virus. We’ve learned that kids are rarely affected by the... — Updated 8/24/2020


"The BSR Back Story, Part Two"

Many of you know Cameron Brothers owned the Borrego Springs Resort since the early 1990s, and built the hotel in 1997. At the death of the Cameron Brothers founders, the company decided it made sense to sell the Resort. Per the Borrego Sun in June 2016, “BSR Borrego Springs... — Updated 8/21/2020


"Go Pharmacy!"

I was sorry to read that Lee Meachan had a bad experience with our local pharmacy (June 25, 2020 issue of the Borrego Sun, Page 6). Please allow me to counter the negative note with a dose of positivity. In my point of view, we are very lucky to have our little pharmacy in town.... — Updated 8/13/2020


"Open Our Schools"

Over the last month, I’ve had conversations with doctors, data experts and researchers about COVID-19 and one of the most consistent messages has been, we need our young people back in the classroom. While there are still many questions regarding COVID-19, we have learned that... — Updated 8/11/2020


"Plea to BSR, Part One"

Since that awful day last October when Borrego Springs Resort unexpectedly and abruptly closed the golf courses at the Resort and Club Circle, there has been no maintenance of the grounds and the situation is becoming dire. Besides being surprised (or should I say shocked) we had... — Updated 8/11/2020


"Thundering Trucks"

Why are these huge trucks coming through our town? It used to be one truck each way every hour, now it is two. I have been told that they are taking rubbish from Carlsbad to the Salton Sea, and are dumping it there. I have also been told that the trucks are illegal and come... — Updated 8/7/2020


"Legion Scholarship"

American Legion Post 853 is pleased to award Delaney Barclay the $1,000 annual American Legion Scholarship. Commander, Rick Dobbins cited Delaney’s grade point average, her participation in school sports, schools activities, work ethic and her volunteer service at the Legion... — Updated 8/7/2020


"American Legion Steak Night"

The American Legion Riders Post 853 would like to thank the Borrego Springs community for their attendance at our monthly BBQ Steak Nights. We had a successful season in spite of the difficult times, though regretfully, we had to... — Updated 8/3/2020


"Unwarranted Shutdowns"

Unfortunately, for many businesses in San Diego County the end is near. With the Governor’s announcement that gyms, personal care services, hair salons, barbershops and malls must cease indoor operations, this could be the final straw. Governor Gavin Newsom compared his latest... — Updated 7/30/2020


"Thank You Post Office"

It seems we’ve become a kinder and gentler world in the midst of the current turmoil of COVID-19 even in Borrego Springs. I received a package without a PO Box number that normally would be sent back. The postal worker took the time to call me to inform me and ask for my PO Box... — Updated 7/30/2020


"No Go Pharmacy"

I went to the pharmacy in Borrego Springs to pick up a prescription, which also required a syringe. However, they would not give it to me and were very rude, and made me feel uncomfortable. They said they would contact my doctor and they would call me, which they did not do. I... — Updated 7/20/2020


"Feeding Borrego"

Thank you fellow Borregans for your support in feeding local families. These past months have been especially hard on our most vulnerable citizens. Many who work in restaurants and hotels, work in construction and landscaping, clean our homes, and provide personal services have... — Updated 7/16/2020


"The Latest at the County"

My goal during this pandemic has been to keep people safe, while responsibly reopening businesses and getting people back to work. We continue to test more people than we ever have, which is why we’ve seen an increase in positive cases. Shutting down entire industry sectors... — Updated 7/13/2020


"To My Clients..."

My dear clients, I want to assure you that I am not withholding my Holistic and Therapeutic health and wellness services from you, in spite of the state authorizing the reopen of massage and spa services. Although I provide therapeutic massage as part of my holistic work, I do not... — Updated 7/9/2020


"BCHF: The Hell of Hell's"

I worked for the Borrego Community Health Foundation for four years, and took over their Credentialing Department back in 2015. I did a job meant for five people; I was my own department. I ran the Credentialing committee and worked with directors (Dr. Dauod Ghafari, Dr. Alfredo R... — Updated 7/1/2020


"Bee Sting Clinic Hell"

My story is of the horrors of the one and only time we used the clinic in Borrego. We’ve had a vacation home here for over 30 years and since retiring in 2007, we now call Borrego Springs home. Having said that, at the time, we still wanted to use our doctors of many years over... — Updated 6/3/2020


"Cruel Clinic"

Jan Jones and Dr. Pamela McEvoy have been an integral part of our health care in Borrego Springs for many years. They are both loved and appreciated by their patients. They have built years of trust in this small community so it seems particularly cruel and callous for the... — Updated 6/1/2020


"Dangling and Confused"

As the surviving spouse of Dr. Jaime Paris, the one-time medical director and physician at the Borrego Medical Clinic, and a resident since 1989, I have followed the many changes good and not so good at the Borrego Medical Clinic. The dismissal of Jan Jones and Dr. Pamela McEvoy... — Updated 6/1/2020


"Please, No Signs"

I am a long time resident and business owner of Borrego Springs. Therefore, all for the safety of the people of our town in these crazy times. The COVID-19 Task Force has done a great job in helping our residents. I know there were concerns about the number of visitors at... — Updated 6/1/2020


"We, Not the Government..."

San Diego County can stay safe AND be open for business. We proved it with the essential businesses being open, and flattening the curve AND trends at the same time. We are a government of, for, and by the people. We the people of California, are facing the state’s new... — Updated 6/1/2020


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