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Why we moved to Borrego

Dear John ... This is not your typical dear John letter. It all starts with new residents of Borrego Springs (two weeks new) out to see Christmas Circle. We left the house without our phone and without water. We were just planning... — Updated 8/3/2016


Introducing the New School Superintendent

To the wonderful community of Borrego Springs, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as your Superintendent. This will be the start of my 5th year at BSUSD and I have been witness to the great achievements of this... — Updated 7/25/2016


Thank you, Brave men

On July 14 I heard a loud pounding on my door. When I opened it, I saw a young man who looked hurt and he yelled, “Get out! Call the Fire Department now.” I grabbed my phone and ran outside, down my driveway to see what the problem was while dialing 9-1-1. What I saw was horri... — Updated 8/1/2016


A Call for Support - Borrego Days

Greetings Friends & Neighbors! With the Borrego Days 2016 theme, Resort to Nature, we celebrate that which makes Borrego Springs exceptional - a nourishingly relaxing resort lifestyle in uncompromised abundance nestled in the h... — Updated 7/8/2016


We celebrate happy medians

The Borrego Village Foundation (BVF) is delighted to acknowledge some hard work put in by two true blue Borregans, Carol Black and Robert Blum. We thank them on our Foundation’s behalf, but even more on behalf of Borrego’s whole community. Blum (the hands-on President of the... — Updated 7/2/2016


Appreciation for local law

To the Deputy Sheriff sta,, C.H.P. staff and Senior Patrol Volunteers, thank you for your valuable service. May the Lord richly bless and protect you all. From the Pastoral Staff and Congregation of the Borrego Springs Christian Center. BILL FABER TSTEE... — Updated 7/16/2016


VOTE! Jim Wilson

2016 San Diego County Parks & Recreation Champion! The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation received is Nominations were from cities and nonprofits across San Diego County celebrating the efforts of individuals who bring positive change to the world around them... — Updated 6/20/2016


The water it takes ...

In response to your article ‘Individual Water Conservation Strategies’ of May 19. My husband and I have been coming to Borrego Springs every winter for the last nine years and love it, in fact so much that we just bought a house here. We are very aware of the water problem... — Updated 6/2/2016


The Deep Well Mystery

Several months ago, we discovered a single track going through our front yard. The sheriff came and we passed it off as a curious bike rider. Three days ago, another long track was found across the back yard. It runs approx 200... — Updated 5/26/2016


Let's support the BWD

As an almost thirty year Borrego resident and homeowner at Rams Hill, I am familiar and concerned with the water issues in this community. In my opinion, our present water board is handling the current crisis exceptionally well. Unlike today’s politicians, rather than kicking... — Updated 5/11/2016


The Rams Hill Golf Club

An environmentally conscious golf course and a good neighbor. In reference to Donald Shelley’s recent letter to the editor, I would like to add some specifics on what Rams Hill has done and will do to save water and increase the aquifer recharge. Rams Hill would not be... — Updated 5/20/2016

 By SAM WEBB    Letters

Letter to Supervisor Horn

(Sent to: Supervisor San Diego County Board of Supervisors, 5th District) I would like San Diego County to consider acquiring the Rudyville (DS24 Project) property in Borrego Springs for the purpose of converting it into a San... — Updated 5/1/2016


Praise for Borrego Springs Emergency Response

Two weeks ago we had a rattlesnake visit the courtyard of our house in Deep Well. At that time, we were able to dissuade him from any further curious exploration by shuffling him off with a large, long handled broom (not the recommended technique). Last Wednesday night, April 20,... — Updated 5/4/2016


We Want Our Share of Water

I just read your March 10 edition of the Borrego Sun, especially noting the article on Page eleven; ‘Borrego Water District (BWD) takes significant action to address the valley’s overdraft.’ My wife and I are very concerned about the plans of the BWD, as we own two business... — Updated 4/7/2016


Anza Borrego: Palm Canyon Trail and Narrows Earth Trail/Mine Wash

Dear Editors, My husband, two youngest sons, and I just visited Anza Borrego over Holy Week. We were so inspired. My 16 year old son, Peter, wrote the attached poem after a day of hiking. He has severe autism, but communicates... — Updated 4/19/2016


BWD and the future of Club Circle Golf Course

My name is Rolly Johnson, I am the owner of a home at Club Circle West and the owner of Borrego Springs RV Storage. I have been a customer of the District for over twenty-five years. The reason I am contacting the District is to bring about my concerns on the future of the Club... — Updated 3/30/2016


Borrego Springs Graduate seeks help

I’m a young woman who just graduated high school. I am trying to raise money to help pay some of my medical bills. In the recent months I haven’t been well enough to work full-time due to my Lyme disease. I’ve started seeing a doctor who actually cares and gives me the time... — Updated 3/11/2016


A Farewell & Thanks From Gwenn Marie

Re: Resignation from Borrego Village Association This is a letter of resignation from my position as a Director and as President of the Borrego Village Association, effective immediately. As you know, Rich and I have re-located to the east coast for a new adventure in Annapolis, M... — Updated 3/17/2016


Rudyville - TCDC Public Comment Letter

Re: Opposition to Property Specific Request Desert Subregion 24 (DS-24) proposed change from Semi-Rural (SR)-10 to SR-1 under the current San Diego County General Plan encompassing ~172 acres of pristine desert (APNs 198-320-01 and 198-320-26) Dear San Diego County Advanced... — Updated 2/24/2016


Stop 'pandering to pumpers'

In September James Seley (Seley Farms) sent a letter purportedly “on behalf of the Agricultural Alliance for Water and Resource Education (AAWARE)” to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). It protested DWR’s inclusion of the Borrego Basin in a list of... — Updated 3/10/2016


Break Down Barriers

Two years ago I made my first visit to Borrego. My brother and his wife purchased a second home with plans for an eventual retirement. My sisterin-law’s parents have been Borrego residents both full time and part time for 24 years. I sure liked the town, the desert surrounding i... — Updated 1/13/2016


Have We No Conscience?

New year begins with rain Please, let me get this straight! Because of the drought, California has mandated a twenty-five percent reduction of ‘monitored’ water usage within the state. Here in Borrego Springs, that applies only to Borrego Water District rate payers who use... — Updated 1/13/2016


Rudyville - Moving Forward

On Dec. 3, 2015, San Diego County’s Department of Planning and Development Services issued a Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on a project known in Borrego Springs as ‘Rudyville,’ and referred to by the County as DS24 or Borrego Country Club... — Updated 1/25/2016


We Love Our Community - Editorial

It is hard to imagine in the age that we live in, that there could be much in the way of community left in America’s towns. But despite the odds, that is what remains, and what so many people fight and live for. We are lucky in Borrego Springs that there is such a strong communi... — Updated 1/4/2016


Trash at Christmas Circle

The gentleman and lady that clean up at Christmas Circle have a problem that really needs to be aired. Some people are dropping off huge amounts of personal trash in and around the trash cans there, which are supposed to only Only... — Updated 12/29/2015