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"Why Can't We All Do Our Part?"

Although there is a sign on the Borrego Springs Center Market entrance that everyone must wear a mask or they will be asked to leave, the shelf stocking employee was not wearing a mask. I told her she must wear a mask so she just put it over her mouth. I told her it must also... — Updated 4/15/2020


"New Easter Venue"

Every year for the past few years, my family has celebrated Easter by camping in the Anza-Borrego State Park. Our kids wake up at the crack of dawn and run across the sand, finding eggs under rocks and between the sage and scrub bushes scattered across the desert floor. This... — Updated 4/15/2020


A Word From Supervisor Jim Desmond

Residents of Borrego Springs, These are interesting times that we are living through. While the situation remains fluid, I wanted to update you on the latest regarding the Coronavirus and what we are doing in San Diego County. Per Governor Gavin Newsom’s orders, the entire State... — Updated 4/3/2020


"Local Businesses Support Soroptimist's Mission"

Last month, Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs hosted the bi-annual Soroptimist District-wide Conference right here in Borrego Springs on the weekend of Feb. 28 – 29. Our club hosted several women from the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego. Many of these... — Updated 4/3/2020


"Survey of Need for Additional Health Services in Borrego Springs"

We residents need to decide, and donors and a clinic operator will want to know if there is significant community support for a primary and urgent care clinic. Please complete a short survey, which contains the following questions in a convenient format and process. The survey... — Updated 4/3/2020


"Dollar General Will Plague"

Why stop at a mere Dollar General? If you’re going to learn American Capitalism being new in this country. Let’s just go with Walmart and all the trimmings and let the chips fall where they may. Dollar General will only kill both grocery stores, the removal of the garage at Oa... — Updated 2/11/2020


"Supervisor Desmond Op-Ed"

Homelessness in California is at extremely high levels and San Diego, while better than San Francisco and Los Angeles, has a steadily rising homeless population. Last week, I partnered with Supervisor Dianne Jacob on addressing the homeless population in San Diego’s... — Updated 2/11/2020


"Supervisor Desmond Op-Ed"

We often take many things for granted. The beautiful County we live in, the opportunities we are given, and most importantly, the protection from our military, police and firefighters are things to be grateful for. Last week, we lost a young man named Yaroslav Katkov, an... — Updated 8/19/2019


"Supervisor Desmond Op-Ed"

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, it’s budget season at the County of San Diego. Along with passing our $6.2 billion budget, keeping it well balanced and providing needed resources, the Board of Supervisors gets to allocate dollars for Community Enhancement Programs. Although... — Updated 8/7/2019


"Mesquite Transects"

The draft Borrego Basin Groundwater Sustainability Plan claims there are no viable Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDEs) in the Borrego Basin because impacts prior to 2015 have been arbitrarily excluded from consideration; a protocol that is totally unacceptable and defies... — Updated 8/7/2019


"Cya at Borrego Health"

As a cub scout, I was trained in basic first aid. We were unable to get any such basic first aid when we needed it from a (registered?) nurse on duty at Borrego Health. On the morning of Friday July 5, my wife Wendy fainted and fell in the bathroom at our trailer park. When she... — Updated 8/7/2019


"What is the Stench at the Chamber?"

In a recent editorial (Borrego Sun, 6/14/18), Linda Haddock, the Executive Director of the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce, noted she had never heard one per- son publicly support Rudyville in the 12 years the Borrego Springs community has been discussing it. This notable... — Updated 7/16/2018


"Hope to Heed the Recommendation"

Going into the June 22 Planning Commission meeting to discuss the proposed development known as Rudyville, I felt there would be no reason to grant an exception to the density limits called for by the County General Plan. The Planning Commission’s staff had done comprehensive... — Updated 7/16/2018


Chamber Letter of Support for Property Specific Requests GPA Desert Subregion 24 (DS–24) Request

The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce is supportive of development and investment in Borrego Springs. Therefore after due consideration of all factors put before us regarding DS-24, we the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors vote to support the DS-24 request... — Updated 7/2/2018


BWD Letter to CPC on Rudyville

The Board of Directors of the Borrego Water District (“District”) wishes to provide its input to the San Diego County (“County”) Planning and Development Services staff, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors regarding the County’s proposed action on the DS-8 and... — Updated 7/2/2018


Everybody Knows

By Saul L. Miller For some time, like many Borrego residents, I have been very concerned about the water situation in Borrego and our shrinking aquifer. About 10 years ago, I first heard that annually we were using 3-4 times more water then is being returned to the aquifer.... — Updated 2/23/2018


A Call to Community

We the undersigned urge the Borrego Water District Board to more vigorously defend the interests of homeowners and businesses, who are the municipal ratepayers in Borrego Springs. Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), Borrego Springs is required to reduce the... — Updated 1/11/2018


Call 911

Thank you for printing in the paper for the public to call 911 instead of driving to the fire station. Also, thanks for stating why! People do not realize that we are not always here. If people follow this it will save lives. Monte Vista, who provides fire/medical dispatch for... — Updated 5/8/2017


Verizon - Calls for Service

I have called Verizon continually over the past two years complaining about the decline in their service to Borrego Springs. I've had responses from their customer service reps ranging from an apology to telling me that BS isn't an... — Updated 5/6/2017


Arid Times

On behalf of our entire water watchdog group we would like to thank the farmers and golf courses in Borrego for draining our aquifer so far down there is not enough water left for hardly any growth to occur in our valley. We would also like to thank all the water boards and the... — Updated 4/24/2017


Christmas Circle needs your help

The super bloom this year brought thousands of visitors to Borrego for the first time. The benefits to the local economy (Businesses) had not experienced anything like this in years. Christmas Circle Park provided a great gathering place. The parking, picnic tables and rest rooms... — Updated 4/24/2017


A Thanks to Volunteers

Dear Editor, I would like to thank the many volunteers who turned out this season to help remove Volutaria and Sahara mustard from our community. Forty two people donated 565 hours removing weeds on nonpark lands during our Wednesday Weed Walks, Saturday weed parties, and at... — Updated 4/5/2017


Borrego Water Use & Sustainability

Soon we will start the negotiations to divide up 5,700 acre feet of water, which is the amount of our recharge, for all the users in the valley. This is the total amount we can use annually. We currently use 19,000 acre feet of water. Anything over 5,700 acre feet means we will... — Updated 1/3/2017


Emergency Medical Air Transportation Coverage

Renewed and Expanded by the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund During 2016, the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) funded municipal policies with Mercy Air and REACH that relieved insured residents of out-of-pocket costs – the deductible and co-insurance that often amount to $3,000... — Updated 12/21/2016



Blade sharpening has a primal history. Well before the wheel, a sharp edge, along with fire, was the principle means of survival. The first sharp edges were rough but useful, and were created with shards of flint or volcanic glass... — Updated 11/11/2016


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