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"Good Neighbors"

The Food Service Department of BSUSD would like to thank the incredible and generous Kendall’s Café owners and staff! Due to some central kitchen improvements at the Elementary School, daily food preparation was very challenging for a few days after Spring Break. Kendall’s... — Updated 4/21/2022


"Fentanyl Crisis"

Last month, I hosted a fentanyl policy roundtable that included updates from DEA Narcotics officials, Homeland Security Investigators, The U.S. Attorney’s office, California policymakers, and medical professionals about the impacts of fentanyl. The tragic stories of fentanyl... — Updated 4/19/2022


"Thank You"

We at the Borrego Ministers’ Association want to thanks everyone for reading the articles in the Borrego Sun about our work here in the larger community. We also want to make sure that people have the right contact information. To learn more and contribute go to... — Updated 4/15/2022


"Dollar General, Not A Friend"

Contrary to their best public relation efforts, the Dollar General is not a friend of the less advantaged. The enterprise we know today as Dollar General, was created in 2007 through a leveraged buyout by the private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), Goldman Sachs, and... — Updated 4/6/2022



The Borrego Sun and the Borrego Springs community are so lucky to have Nikki Symington as a regular contributor to the paper. Her series on Borrego Springs Community Health, as well as her articles on the Fire Protection District, water supply, and other issues of local concern... — Updated 3/22/2022


"Prices at Pharmacy"

There have been a number of complaints about the pharmacy and the over-the-top charges for medicine that people pay for a prescription they used to pay a lot less for. Why? I myself have a prescription that I have paid $9.96 for the past five years. Today, it was $50 that’s an... — Updated 3/18/2022


"Stop Gas Tax"

It’s inexcusable to see pictures of gas prices in the $6 and $7 range. I cannot stand by and let San Diegans suffer while Sacramento politicians build up their coffers. I admit this is a short-term problem and longer solutions need to be looked into, like America becoming less d... — Updated 3/18/2022


"BMA Says Thank You"

The Borrego Ministers Association wishes to thank the Borrego Sun and writer Michael Sadler for the recent articles highlighting our extensive social service efforts in the Borrego community over the past 10 years and especially during the last two years of COVID disruptions... — Updated 3/15/2022


"Who's the Real Enemy?"

Tensions in the United States feel like they’re at an all-time high. Social media only exacerbates the problem. If you spend five minutes on Twitter or Facebook you’ll see a chasm of divisiveness, but the next time you see an argument breaking out, think about who’s causing... — Updated 3/4/2022


"Let's Move Forward"

As we come upon the two-year anniversary of the COVID-19 shutdowns, it’s important for us to take a step back and look at the lessons learned from this historically difficult time. With over 900,000 American deaths and over 4,800 deaths locally, COVID-19 brought tragedy to so... — Updated 2/25/2022


"Help Needed from the Under the Sun Foundation"

The Under the Sun Foundation should be commended for graciously allowing visitors to access their lands to view the many Breceda sculptures located throughout Borrego. This access has worked well to promote sustainable tourism to Borrego – just as Dennis Avery intended. The... — Updated 2/11/2022


"Behavioral Health"

Last week, I shared some successes and visions for 2022, when it comes to public safety. This week, I want to share some of the accomplishments we’ve had in North County and talk about what I’m focused on when it comes to behavioral health! Behavioral health is a major issue... — Updated 2/2/2022


"Public Safety"

It’s been a difficult past two years, filled with unspeakable tragedies. It has served as a stark reminder that life is precious, that we should spend as much time as we can with our friends and family, and that we should be kind to one another. With 2021 in the rearview... — Updated 1/24/2022


"Back to Basics"

I think we can all agree, I’m glad 2021 is in the rearview mirror. As we head into the new year, I don’t want to dwell on the past, I want to focus on the future, by getting back to basics. While there’s been a lot of media attention surrounding three new members joining... — Updated 1/6/2022


"Merry Christmas"

I’m focused on reflection and gratitude this holiday season. As I reflect on the changes brought in 2020 and 2021, there’s a lot I’ve missed in light of our new normal. I’ve missed going out to our different communities in District 5 and interacting with all of our... — Updated 12/29/2021


"The Most Expensive Transportation Project Ever"

On Dec. 10, the SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) will be voting on the most expensive transportation project ever. More expensive than the international space station, SANDAG’s regional transportation plan is estimated to cost (in today’s dollars) $160 billion. Al... — Updated 12/16/2021


"Hooray for the Borrego Sun"

Dear Editor: Hooray for the Borrego Sun in its continuing impressive reporting on local issues. I applaud the coverage in “Thundering Trucks Roll On” in the Nov. 25 issue. Like many here, surely, I have been appalled by this example of dumping undesirable matters on our small... — Updated 12/15/2021


"The Most Expensive Transportation Project Ever"

On Dec. 10, the SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) will be voting on the most expensive transportation project ever. More expensive than the international space station, SANDAG’s regional transportation plan is estimated to cost (in today’s dollars) $160 billion. Al... — Updated 12/9/2021


"Bravo, Hats Off!"

Bravo and hats off to the BSPAC Board of Directors, volunteers and contributors!!! Rather than wringing there hands in despair over being darkened during the COVID pandemic, these visionaries used this past year to bring much needed lighting and sound system improvements to our... — Updated 12/7/2021

 By Jim Desmon    Letters

"Happy Thanksgiving"

I don’t think there’s ever been a more important Thanksgiving than this year. Now more than ever is a time for reflection, for sitting down and thinking about all the things for which we are grateful. I was grateful to sit down with my family this year, have a wonderful meal... — Updated 12/1/2021


"SANDAG's Plan"

The SANDAG’s Board of Directors received a report on their $160 billion transportation plan. One of the big questions when it comes to their ‘ambitious’ plan is, how are they going to pay for it? Well, we are starting to get a clearer picture. One aspect is to track and tax... — Updated 11/15/2021


"An Attack on North County Neighborhoods"

Within days of the failed recall of Governor Newsom, with the flick of a pen, the Governor signed three bills that negatively impacted neighborhoods in San Diego County. Let’s start with SB 9, a bill I’ve strongly opposed. The bill overrides local control, and the state now... — Updated 10/22/2021


"Communities Are Living in Fear"

There is fear among communities throughout San Diego County. Whether you live in rural North County, rural East County, or in any of the region’s 18 cities, your neighborhood could be uprooted by the State of California’s placement of a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP). It’s... — Updated 10/15/2021


"Around the County"

As we head into fall (where did the time go), I wanted to give you some updates at the County of San Diego. We have made a major step in our fight against COVID with the introduction of monoclonal antibody treatment. This treatment prevents the virus from attaching to the cells... — Updated 10/1/2021


"Rural Communities Under Attack"

For many, the reason they move to San Diego’s unincorporated area is to be away from the intensity of city living. They want to be away from the noise, the hustle and bustle and surrounded by the beauty of our region. They certainly don’t want some of the worst... — Updated 9/2/2021


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