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Henry the Truck - Issue 4

Vol. 63, No. 2 Borrego Springs, California January 16, 2014 Henry the Truck says it’s what’s inside that counts Dear Bill and Family: Thank you for your letter in the Borrego Sun. I have been with Denny since 1960 when he bought me for $35 from Wallie Fair in Ocotillo Wells.... — Updated 4/21/2016


Henry The Truck- First Issue

Vol. 62, No. 25 Borrego Springs, California December 5, 2013 Stories from Old Borego Written from the perspective of 'Henry the Panel Truck' for Denny DuVall I was born in 1950! Yes, I was shiny and new once upon a time. No one kep... — Updated 4/20/2016


Henry the Truck - Issue 2

Vol. 6 , No. 6 Borrego Springs, California December 19, 013 Henry the Truck gets a letter Hi Henry: We certainly enjoyed reading about all your adventures in the Borrego Sun. You have had a full life! As faithful fans of Cruisin’ Grand, we pass by you year after year and feel... — Updated 4/20/2016


Viewpoint Beyond the Desert

Maybe it was hidin’ out from the fierce winds that insisted on bruising my sensibilities yesterday, or maybe I was trying to deflect the psychic import of incessant violence that is being reported here and there. Whatever it was, I found myself ruminating about Teilhard de... — Updated 4/7/2016


Pegleg Liar's Contest - Part II

As unbelievable as it may sound, the State of California spent taxpayer's money to create an official state historical landmark to commemorate a man known as a "spinner of tales" - a prevaricator par excellence. The Peg Leg Smith... — Updated 4/6/2016

 By Nancy Bye    Information

Borrego Springs - Nature Watch

Spring has officially arrived. And haven’t we had the most gorgeous weather you can remember? One lovely day after another – clear, warm, still, perfect. Now we have well over twelve hours of daylight, and that has NOTHING to do with Daylight Saving Time. The wildflowers are s... — Updated 3/31/2016


Psychological Ramifications of Steroid Abuse

A myriad of articles have been written discussing the adverse physiological effects experienced by those who abuse anabolic steroids. One of the earliest and most prominent cases attributed to these deleterious effects was that of Lyle Alzado. A professional football star who died... — Updated 9/1/2015


Parkinson's CEO Talks with Sun

I knocked on the door several times. No answer. Maybe I wasn't at the right place. I glanced around and then looked through the living room window. I could see into the backyard where a pretty, petite woman was pulling weeds from... — Updated 7/9/2015


Parkinsons interview: Part II

I recently got a chance to revisit the impressive Dr. Carrolee Barlow to check up on the latest happenings at the Parkinson's Institute, while she was taking a rare break in her busy schedule to visit the home she shares in... — Updated 7/9/2015


Warner Springs Ranch Golf Club Opening This Summer

Byron Casper, an international PGA member and son of golfing legend Billy Casper has been named the Head Golf Professional for Warner Springs Ranch Golf Club - set to open this Summer. Byron has also been named the corporate golf director of Pacific Hospitality Group, which... — Updated 6/25/2015


Sports Psychologist Decodes Training to be a Winner

Beck: How long have you been doing cartoons? Miller: This is my 10th year as a cartoonist for the Borrego Sun. I also cartooned for my high school annual and university newspaper. Beck: What other types of artistic things do you... — Updated 6/23/2015

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