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Save Our Sea! Salton Sea, CA

California has lost over 90 percent of its wetlands due to human activity and other factors like climate change. One by one, wetlands are rapidly disappearing not just in California but throughout the entire nation. But what is a wetland and why should we care if it is conserved... — Updated 8/7/2016


STARGAZERS - Six Planets and the Moon

Six Planets and the Moon Week of August 14-20, 2016 One of the coolest sights of the nighttime sky is one that's completely invisible -- unless, of course, you know where to look. Stargazers who understand the workings of our... — Updated 8/17/2016


Borrego Springs Schools New Faces

Every school year sees new faces arriving at Borrego Springs schools. Worried faces and first day jitters are soon replaced by the excitement of the possibilities ahead. They may have graduated a few years ago but the nerves and... — Updated 9/2/2016


The Celestial Dragon

While leading one of my popular Night Sky Tours this past week, our discussion somehow turned to the constellation of Draco, the dragon. Now, Draco isn't one of the top 10 stellar groupings that people can name, but I was... — Updated 8/31/2016



A Warm Welcome to our new or reassigned staff: Ms. Strate – Special Education Mr. Schmiedicke – HS Math/Science Coach White – HS Math Mr. Horsley – HS History ~ UPCOMING EVENTS ~ 09/14/16 Board Meeting / 5pm / HS Community Room 09/19/16 PICTURE DAY-Order portraits now at... — Updated 8/31/2016


Borrego Springs - Rams Schedule

Volleyball 9/6 Warner Springs / AWAY / (JV) 3:30pm, (V) 5:00pm Depart after lunch at 1:30pm 9/9 Mt. Empire / AWAY / (JV) 4pm, (V) 5:30pm Depart after lunch at 1:30pm 9/10 Desert Mirage Tournament / AWAY / TBA 9/12 Ocean View Christian / AWAY / (Varsity only) 4:00pm Lunch 12:30... — Updated 8/31/2016


Park Pilot Patrol

“The opportunity to see from the air some of the Earth’s most beautiful places is my biggest reward flying for the California State Parks,” stated Joshua Ertl, Ranger Pilot #1422 of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,... — Updated 7/21/2016


STARGAZERS - Big Moon Rising

Week of July 17-23, 2016 There are few things in nature I enjoy more than watching a massive full moon rising over the horizon. This is truly a treat everyone should experience at least once, and when you do you'll surely raise... — Updated 7/22/2016


Seeing a Cosmic Yardstick

I have a friend who swears that he can tell the distances to the stars just by looking at them, but he's never convincingly demonstrated to me his amazing powers. The reason is that it just isn't possible. Oh, sure, anyone could... — Updated 7/22/2016


Solar System Show at Dusk

It's been quite a while since we've seen the planet Venus glistening in the western sky at dusk. It has spent much of the past year on the opposite side of its orbit, rising and setting before the sun, but now it's back in the... — Updated 7/31/2016


Senior Center Lunch Menus

Lunch is served at the Senior Center at noon Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday except on noted holidays. Please call for reservations by 1:00 p.m. the previous day. 760-767-3116. Suggested donation, $6. Lunch to the homebound seniors is delivered Monday through Friday. If you know... — Updated 7/1/2016


Borrego Days - Off-Road Vehicles

October is not as far away as you think and the Borrego Days Festival will be livening up Christmas Circle in no time. If you would like to be part of the event, get your applications in now.... — Updated 7/2/2016


Borrego Days - Marching Bands

If your Marching Band has yet to sign up for the Borrego Days Festival, download the form and send it off. Last year saw five of the best bands in the area taking part to support the town and entertain the residents and visitors.... — Updated 7/4/2016


Stargazers - The Celestial Strongman

No matter how long I study the sky there will always be star groupings I just can't see. The ancients certainly didn't make it easy for us. They never actually devised the constellations to look like animals, objects and people,... — Updated 7/7/2016


Borrego Springs Library - Creating Ideas, Creating Inventors

New technology can be daunting no matter what age you are. With the constant modernization of computers, printers and cell phones it can feel as though you need to learn a new language with every technological development and somet... — Updated 7/17/2016


Worried about a derelict property near you? Contact Imperial County.

To report a property that concerns you (be it a run-down house, trailer or other noxious eyesore) call, e-mail or send an actual letter to: Imperial County Planning and Development Services 801 Main Street El Centro, CA 92243 442-265-1736 To be recognized, your complaint must incl... — Updated 6/27/2016


Vote Closing - San Diego County's Parks & Recreation Champion

Voting for San Diego County's Parks and Recreation Champion is open until 11:59 p.m. tonight (Thursday, June 30). VOTE for JIM WILSON ONLINE! or email your vote to: A... — Updated 6/30/2016


Sister Anza-Borrego and the Mongolian Rangers

On May 18 Borrego Springs was visited by four rangers from the Ikh Nart Guluu Nature Reserve in Mongolia. Ihk Nart was discovered by Mark Jorgensen, then Superintendent of the AnzaBorrego State Park, in 2004 while researching... — Updated 6/3/2016


CBD - Let The Healing Begin

Are you in pain? Are you being prescribed pain relief medications or self-medicating with alcohol or other over-the-counter compounds, using transdermal patches, braces or portable TENS Units to get just enough relief to go about... — Updated 6/7/2016


Borrego Springs - CERT Training

A 1-minute video of how Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers from Borrego Springs train to put out small fires in the aftermath of an earthquake along the San Jacinto Fault Zone using PASS technique - Pull (the... — Updated 6/2/2016


John Tobin Scranton, 1950 - 2016

John Tobin Scranton, 65 a Borrego Springs resident, died May 1, 2016, under hospice care in Escondido. Mr. Scranton moved to Borrego Springs in 2002, and spent time between the desert and his native east coast during the final... — Updated 5/10/2016


Imagine Borrego Springs with an Awesome Ocean...

Borrego Springs is an isolated little desert community, connected to the outside world by a few winding two-lane mountain and desert roads; with random huge metal sculptures. It has a round-about circle that connects to the main... — Updated 5/23/2016


Henry the Truck - Issue 3

Vol. 6 , No. 6 Borrego Springs, California December 19, 013 Hauling Gargoyles By Henry the Truck Varrrrrrrmmm!!!!!!!! Denny brings my sleeping self to life in the early morning of May (2001). He has a car trailer hooked up behind... — Updated 4/22/2016


Henry the Truck - Issue 5

Vol. 63, No. 2 Borrego Springs, California, January 16, 2014 Eulogy to an Old Friend On Thursday, July 30, 2002 the infamous 'Pine's Fire' started near Banner, and burned North and South for days, destroying property and landscape... — Updated 4/22/2016


Henry the Truck - Issue 6

Vol. 63, No. 5 Borrego Springs, California February 27, 2014 Thanks for the memories of de Anza and Henry the Truck The articles in the Jan 16, 2014 Borrego Sun really brought back many memories, especially the de Anza County Club historical stories. I grew up in Borrego during... — Updated 4/23/2016


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