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Cal/OSHA Reverses Rules, Most Mandates Lifted

A controversial mask regulation for the workplace in California was withdrawn, as state workplace regulators considered a rule that aligned closer to Governor Gavin Newsom’s promise of fully reopening, June 15. This meant the elimination of the state’s Blueprint for a Safer... — Updated 6/30/2021


COVID-19: Better, Brighter Days Ahead for California

What a time we have all been waiting for...... — Updated 6/29/2021


Cal/OSHA Reverse Mask Rules in Workplace

A controversial mask regulation for the workplace has been withdrawn, as California's workplace regulators consider a rule that will align closely with Governor Gavin Newsom's promise that the state will fully reopen on June 15. The California Occupational Safety and Health... — Updated 6/18/2021


COVID-19: Guidance on Masks Modified, Normalcy Coming

Can you feel the normalcy? It may be a bit premature to say that things are normal, as well as so repetitive that it is coming, but it is. Many things have transpired over the last couple of weeks, including the new mask guidelines announced by the Centers for Disease Control and... — Updated 5/27/2021


COVID-19: Restrictions Loosen, Vaccines Continue

Keep moving forward, folks. We will soon be back to normal, but for now, we must keep going. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention loosened the mask guidance for those who are fully vaccinated as well as those unvaccinated. However, many question how safe it is yet, as... — Updated 5/19/2021


COVID-19: Is It Normal Yet?

It will get better. The road is not as clear as we all hope it would be, but like previously stated, normalcy is at the door, knocking its way through. The first step to normalcy was taken at the beginning of April, and counties continue to keep working, taking advantage of the... — Updated 5/4/2021


COVID-19: County to Orange, State Nearing Normalcy

We are getting there, folks. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter. San Diego County moved into the less restrictive orange tier on April 7, a step into the right direction toward normalcy. In the orange tier, businesses were able to increase its... — Updated 4/19/2021


San Diego County: "Orange" You Glad!

Changes are being made – Normalcy is knocking! It was announced that San Diego County has taken another step in the right direction, moving to the less restrictive orange tier effective April 7. In the orange tier, more businesses can reopen at a larger capacity. The move into... — Updated 4/16/2021


SD County Officially in Orange Tier

San Diego County has moved from the red tier into the less restrictive tier, orange. This is what changes in the orange tier: • Restaurants: capacity increases to a maximum of 50% or 200 people, whichever is fewer (outdoor and... — Updated 4/16/2021


COVID-19: County in Red, Inching Toward Orange Tier

We are getting there, folks. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter as the days go on. We are all optimistic that we are returning to normality, moving forward in the right direction. California is onto the next step in the vaccination process,... — Updated 4/2/2021


COVID-19 Vaccinations March 25

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the Borrego COVID19 Task Force: A one-day COVID19 VACCINE EVENT will be held in Borrego Springs on Thursday, March 25, at the Library. Open to those age 16 to 64 with underlying conditions, and all those working with food in any way (including retail of... — Updated 3/29/2021


San Diego County Officially in Red Tier

San Diego is now in the red tier after months in the purple, which allows more businesses to reopen, and restrictions are loosened. This also means that restaurants are now able to open indoors (25% capacity), gyms, (10%) movie... — Updated 3/19/2021


COVID-19: Changes Coming, Restrictions Begin to Loosen

The road to normalcy is back on track... It has been a year since the coronavirus was declared as a global pandemic, and the world has since changed. California has been dealt with much back-and-forth of what can be open, the many restrictions, that it has caused a huge headache f... — Updated 3/18/2021


San Diego County: Moving to Red Tier

Progress is being made – San Diego County is headed in the right direction toward normalcy. It was announced that San Diego County is likely to move into the red tier starting Wednesday March 17. In the red tier (Tier 2), restrictions will be loosened, and more businesses can... — Updated 3/18/2021


COVID-19: Vaccine Shipment Delays, County Moves Forward

As many would be planning for their illustrious spring break travels and events, it is quite a different story for this year. What was once thought to be a flu-like disease that would be “over by the summer” has truly changed everyone’s lives in more ways than one. It has... — Updated 3/18/2021


COVID-19 Vaccine: Yes or No?

Vaccines offer a way to stamp out the spread of disease. As COVID-19 vaccines become available, you may be wondering whether you should be vaccinated. The short answer is YES! While there is a small subset of people who cannot safely receive vaccinations, these individuals are... — Updated 3/8/2021


Vaccine For All in Borrego

It’s up to us, Borrego. Can we get enough people inoculated with vaccines to reach a 70 percent immunity level? If we can, maybe, then we can finally take off the masks, sit in favorite restaurants, hit the shops, play indoors and share our homes with family and friends.... — Updated 3/3/2021


COVID-19: Businesses Adjust, County Far From Red Tier

Despite the second stay-at-home order being lifted and the administering of the vaccine around the state, the pandemic is still far from over, as many continue to face the hardships of the coronavirus. Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat as the economic downturn... — Updated 3/3/2021


New Vaccination Appointment Page – All in one page!

Go to: The Borrego Springs COVID-19 Task Force is now displaying all available vaccination appointments on one web page: Read the message below before going to The link will take you to a Vaccination Appointments Page on the Task... — Updated 3/3/2021


News about a Waitlist

CalFire has informed us that residents without appointments for the vaccination event on February 20th & 21st at the Borrego Springs Library can request to be put on the waiting list by coming to the table that will be staffed by a paramedic near the library parking lot. CALFIRE... — Updated 2/23/2021


Let's Protect Each Other to the End of the Pandemic

We are not out of the COVID woods, yet. We cannot “return to normal.” Residents are still rightly concerned about exposure to COVID-19, especially in areas of our town where visitors have been gathering in groups, not wearing masks or social distancing. Most of our shops and... — Updated 2/10/2021


COVID Cost Info

How much will the coronavirus vaccine cost me? The COVID-19 vaccine itself is free to all Americans, as noted by the CMS. The government organization also said it plans to make sure you can reimburse any FDA-approved coronavirus treatments you’re charged for. However, providers... — Updated 2/8/2021


Stay-at-Home Order Lifted

Governor Gavin Newsom lifted the seven-week regional stay-at-home order on Jan. 25, citing the improvement of conditions with the state seeing a steady decrease in cases, as well as a reduction in hospitalizations and intensive care unit use. Projections showed that the Southern... — Updated 2/4/2021


Coordinating Antigen Testing Program in Local Schools

With the sad reality that many of our students in Borrego Springs are “missing” a year of education due to the difficulty of on-line learning and the disparity in access to technology, the local Borrego Springs COVID-19 Task Force has joined forces with the San Diego County De... — Updated 2/4/2021


Contact Tracing

After Thanksgiving, Borrego Springs experienced a surge that peaked at 39 active COVID-19 cases. As of December 28, the case load had decreased to 24 active cases. If you would like to track active cases in Borrego Springs, the information is updated daily at h... — Updated 1/11/2021


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