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COVID-19: Restrictions Begin to Ease

The COVID-19 pandemic has come a long way, and continues to bring everyone down with uncertainty of when we will be able to return to a normal schedule. However, with recent developments and easing restrictions, California entered Phase 2, hoping to get within spitting distance of... — Updated 5/22/2020


COVID-19, Will There Be An End Soon?

Our world is at a standstill, seeking a light through the madness and the struggles that follow from this COVID-19 pandemic. It sure is a time of quite uncertainty, as many look at the hopes of returning to their normal everyday lives. Borrego Springs continues to feel the negativ... — Updated 4/27/2020


The Battle Begins

The reality of the virus is now upon us... The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread across the globe, officially declared as a pandemic on March 11, by the World Health Organization. “We are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity, and by the alarming... — Updated 4/27/2020


COVID-19: The Battle Continues

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing during April, at once across the 50 United States, up and down California, and in San Diego County, it was only a matter of time before the first confirmed case of COVID-19 infection in Borrego Springs would be announced. It came on April... — Updated 4/20/2020


SD County Cases Surpass 2,000

As of April 15, the number of cases in the San Diego County has surpassed 2,000 for a total of 2,012. The total number of deaths is now at 60. Borrego Springs still has just one case.... — Updated 4/16/2020


Effects Timetable, Orders Amended

It was around three months ago that no one had an idea of what COVID-19 was. What was thought to be a disease similar to the flu, has now spread around the country, infecting over 1,897,506 – 547,670 in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University of Medicine. This... — Updated 4/15/2020


Only Time Will Tell…

The fight against this COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, as it continues to worsen with the number of cases rising each day, state and nationwide. With what started out as a disease that closely resembled the flu, it has easily taken over to something even deadlier. The United... — Updated 4/10/2020


The COVID-19 Battle

No one alive today has experienced what we’re all going through together in this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Maintaining social distancing to stem the spread of the virus, self-isolation if infection is possible or likely, not going to work or having to work from home,... — Updated 4/10/2020


Borrego Task Force

A COVID-19 Task Force in Borrego Springs has been formed, with the goal of setting up a reliable information collection and distribution channel to provide Borrego Springs residents with information (in English and Spanish) from credible sources, so they can protect themselves... — Updated 4/10/2020


Amended Public Health Order, CDC Recommendation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that Americans cover their faces when leaving their home, especially around other people. ------------------------------------------------- Effective April 4, employees of essential businesses who come in contact with... — Updated 4/3/2020


Timeline of COVID-19 Events

COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, which has spread across the world in a matter of days, infecting thousands, officially being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11. A few days later on March 13, President Donald Trump addressed the... — Updated 4/3/2020


Governor Newsom Speaks

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced March 15 he is directing all bars, pubs and wineries in the state to close. He also called for new restrictions on restaurants. Restaurants would be allowed to remain open, but would be required to reduce their capacities by half, and... — Updated 4/3/2020