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Botswana Boys Visit Borrego

"Elephants!" said Tumelo Seemule, a student at the American University Prep School in Los Angeles, from Francistown, Botswana in response to my question, "What do you miss most from home?" His friend and fellow student, Zaid... — Updated 12/22/2016

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Food Bank a fixture in Borrego

The third Monday of every month, Borrego Springs is treated to a distribution of foodstuffs from the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, the largest hunger relief organization in San Diego County. “Established in 1977,” says their webpage, “Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food... — Updated 6/27/2016


Sister Anza-Borrego and the Mongolian Rangers

On May 18 Borrego Springs was visited by four rangers from the Ikh Nart Guluu Nature Reserve in Mongolia. Ihk Nart was discovered by Mark Jorgensen, then Superintendent of the AnzaBorrego State Park, in 2004 while researching... — Updated 6/3/2016

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BSHS Book Club

Twice a week at the Borrego Springs High School library, a group of students and their intrepid teacher meet to discuss the finer aspects of reading. Not reading just for entertainment or subject study, but to understand the nature of learning. “Today we place so much emphasis... — Updated 5/23/2016

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Borrego Springs - The Center, Jim Wermers

Well, it’s official. Jim Wermers has purchased The Center shopping and office plaza in Borrego Springs and is going full tilt into renovations. “I want to replace the non-native shrubbery and trees and replace them with more eco- and water friendly native desert plants,” he... — Updated 5/19/2016

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Borrego Springs - Glenda Retiring

It is the end of the season and all the snowbirds have flown north, south, east and west, back to their summer nests to coolly contemplate the warmth of next winter and spring flowers. What they probably won’t see when they return, however, is Tumbleweed. The two stores in The... — Updated 5/19/2016

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Borealis Light in Borrego

So, here we are at the end of another season of Borrego Springs Community Concert Association presentations. This final offering of the 2016 season, the Borealis String Quartet, presented an energetic performance of Antonin... — Updated 4/6/2016

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Borrego Springs - Carmelita's

Still plagued by the county's permitting rodeo, Jim Wermers, owner of The Borrego Mall, has completed the patio at Calico's and is close to finished with Carmelita's. Calico's, in use for a week or so, is a comfortable area... — Updated 3/30/2016


Judy At The Palms With Cocktails

With all the new people in Borrego this year, it's hard to keep track, especially since they aren't "new". Take Judy Parker, the new bartender at the Crazy Coyote at The Palms At Indian Head out on Hoberg Rd. Having visited... — Updated 3/21/2016

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Borrego Springs - A Night of Piano with Teresa Walters

So, how does it happen that someone as accomplished as Teresa Walters be relegated to the small venues of the up and coming few and the declining many? Don't get me wrong, Borrego is a great town to live in and visit and recreate... — Updated 3/19/2016

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To Be or Not to Be: That is the Circle

I'll never forget the first and last time I drove on the shore of Salton City and discovered what a wasteland it was. How depressing and disheartening! How could a community let that happen to itself? Unfortunately, the answer is... — Updated 3/16/2016

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Borrego Springs - Alice Chan

On Thursday, Mar. 10, Borrego Elementary School students were treated to a fine performance of Alice Chan by the La Jolla Playhouse POP Tour, a touring program specifically aimed at young audiences to provide an educational and... — Updated 3/12/2016

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Borrego Springs - Citrus Sundowner

Last night's (Mar. 10), Chamber of Commerce Sundowner held at Seley Ranch, was an unmitigated success with little room to spare. Driven indoors by the rain, the spirits of the attendees were hardly dampened as they visited with... — Updated 3/12/2016

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Borrego Springs - Performing Arts, Wine Tasting

Mar. 7, after a highly successful play offering of Funny You Don't Look Like a Grandma, one in which a rare packed matinee occurred on Sunday, The Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center presented their annual wine tasting... — Updated 3/11/2016

 By Russell Webb    Arts

Borrego Springs - Artist Spotlight, Mike Holder

In light of the upcoming Circle of Art fest in Christmas Circle, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight a great local artist who has not received the recognition he deserves. Mike Holder, whose passion for photography led h... — Updated 3/11/2016

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Borrego Springs - Cross Strung, Community Concert

Cross Strung, a family band of five, and a budding sixth, performed two sets of a mixture of Celtic, Bluegrass, Country and Gospel selections to an appreciative Borrego audience on Tuesday Mar. 8 at the performing arts center... — Updated 3/9/2016

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Borrego Springs - Bike Rally

Indians to the right of me, Indians to the left of me. That's the way it was this past weekend, March 5 to 6, during the annual Bike Rally at the Borrego Springs Resort. Although there were a smattering of BMWs, BSAs, Hondas and... — Updated 3/7/2016

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Borrego Springs - "Outside the Box", The Gallery

Originated and orchestrated by artists Joya Granbery Hoyt and her sister Pamela Granbery, "Outside the Box", is a wonderful program being operated at the Borrego Middle School to not just, 'give the kids something to do' while... — Updated 3/7/2016

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Borrego Springs - Funny You Don't Look Like a Grandma

How many Grandmas does it take to change a light bulb? None, 'that's ok, I'll sit by a window, I'll light a candle, I'll learn Braille...'. Now if you can read that with a New York Jewish accent, you'll get the picture of Funny... — Updated 3/7/2016

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Borrego Springs - Tortoises Through the Lense

The monthly ABDNHA lecture on Feb. 26 at BSPAC was a real standout this time. Although ostensibly, about the Desert Tortoise and the newly dedicated national monuments, the lecture was really a celebration of a number of students a... — Updated 2/28/2016

 By Russell Webb    Arts

Borrego Springs - New Gallery at The Mall

Right next door to USA Martial Arts is the “new” Gallery at the mall. Well, not so new. After the Paper and Print Boutique closed in October the space sat empty until Joya Granbery-Hoyt and her sister Pamela Granbery decided it was the perfect spot to have a working studio... — Updated 2/24/2016

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Borrego Springs - City Ballet of San Diego

Since 1993 the City Ballet of San Diego has, under the direction of Steven Wistrich (Artistic Director) and Elizabeth Wistrich (Resident Choreographer) and Jo Anne Embry (Managing Director), produced some of the most beautiful and... — Updated 2/23/2016

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Witness to Gettysburg

You walk out your front door one morning and you find yourself in the middle of a bloody battle. Bodies and parts everywhere. Rifles firing, cannon balls exploding, bullets flying and men falling all around you. What do you do?... — Updated 2/21/2016

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Borrego Springs - Valinor, Legendary Music

Named after the Elven retreat to the West where Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee and Gimli, son of Gloin retired after the war against Sauron in J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings legendarium, the Valinor Quartet performe... — Updated 2/20/2016

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Borrego Springs - Good, Good, Goodenberger

Eight times the accomplished concert pianist has visited Borrego and eight times she has mesmerized her audiences with her deep passion for the music she plays. Last year she paid homage to her long time passion for Clara Schuman,... — Updated 2/5/2016