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Latino Family Literacy Project

How does the state of Arizona predict how many prisons they will need in the future? They count how many 3rd graders are currently reading below grade level. Although this story has been proven to be an urban myth, it still... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Eddie Rivera    School

BASIC: Latino Family Literacy Program

Children who begin kindergarten behind their peers in literacy and reading skills often have a tough time catching up. Early literacy skills have been shown to predict reading ability throughout school, the likelihood of graduating high school, attending college, and future... — Updated 9/14/2023

 By Eddie Rivera    School

BASIC Salutes Its Graduates

Each year, now for 25 years, Basic Assistance to Students in the Community (BASIC) has devoted proceeds from the annual Circle of Art and our other fundraising activities to its scholarship program. BASIC's scholarship program is... — Updated 6/8/2023


BASIC Celebrates its 26th Year of Giving Scholarships to Borregans

Twelve scholars graduating from Borrego Springs High School this year will receive BASIC’s start-school scholarships: Angel Delgado, Nahomy Fuentes, Mauricio Garcia, Anna Lucia LoPresto, Julio Medina, Jimena Ochoa, Dylan Rodriguez, Hannah Strate, Bryan Troncoso, Jorge Vilchez, A... — Updated 5/24/2023

 By Eddie Rivera    News

Candles for Careers

Nestled between Kendall's Cafe and Graphics You Can Trust sits Meta Skin Studio. The store looks to be redesigned and modern, almost otherworldly against the backdrop of brick that makes up the Mall. "Skin Care, Sun Care, Self Care... — Updated 3/21/2023

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