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Dodging a Weather Bullet Waiting for the Dog Years of August

Around 2 p.m. Thursday July 12, there were mild thunderclaps off to the southwest above the San Jacinto Mts., but there was also a lot of cloud cover over the desert and mountains, so neither a thunderhead nor any lightning... — Updated 8/13/2018

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The Bugs are Back

If your pool/spa plaster is painted with a dark color – black or blue – or you drive a dark colored car, the Water Boatman bugs have probably left their mark already. It's not on par with the "irruption" last year, but the... — Updated 8/13/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News 

VIEWPOINT: Mindfulness: It's All About Choice

I was in my early-50’s when I came to the inescapable realization, genetically based, that there were more years behind me than ahead. Way more. I didn’t have much of a choice on that, so I had to retire from a very physical occupation as a general building contractor. I... — Updated 8/13/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

RUDYVILLE: A Suprise 20% Solution

At least 60 Borregans wearing white golf caps sat in the San Diego County Planning Commission public hearing room June 22 for a few minutes in stunned silence, all momentarily confused about the vote just taken by the seven-member commission. And then everyone realized the... — Updated 7/2/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Sheep-nanigans in the Mountains

While it would be technically cor- rect to say the June 29 to July 1 weekend temperatures for the 48th annual census of our Ovis Canadensis (Peninsular Bighorn Sheep) were "cooler" than in the previous four counts, the 79 coun- ter... — Updated 7/23/2018

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VIEWPOINT: Heat is a Solstice Thing

There are two kinds of people in Borrego. First are those who were absent the past two sum- mers around the Summer Solstice on June 21 but were here this year (we’ll call them “Absentees”), and second are those who were present for all three (we’ll call them... — Updated 7/16/2018

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Lucky Tongue Brings More Heat To La Casa del Zorro

It was already a warm and sultry night here in Borrego Saturday, July 14, but that didn't prevent the Rock 'n' Roll band "Lucky Tongue" from bringing even more heat, although they did it via their musical stylings and engaging... — Updated 7/23/2018

 By Michael Sadler    Arts

The Mural is Underway

A eye-popping mural 28 feet wide and 8 feet high, consisting of individual raised panels of ceramic tile and glass in steel frames, is scheduled to be finished and mounted on the south wall of BAI by March of 2019, according to The... — Updated 7/2/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Borrego Beautification Project Underway

The Borrego Village Foundation began in 2011 by clearing asphalt, cleaning up shrubbery, and planting trees, and now the Palo Verde trees are coming into maturity. Trees have been planted west of Christmas Circle along Palm Canyon... — Updated 6/14/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

We Remember, Memorial Day

Every year, the Memorial Day observance at Christmas Circle for those who made the ultimate sacrifice seems to get qualitatively better, and this year was no exception. Larry Bowen read the poem, "I am a veteran," where the last wo... — Updated 6/29/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

VIEWPOINT: Assistance Dogs and the Law

You walk into a Borrego Springs restaurant with your dog – wearing no vest or outward signs of an ID – and take a seat. The server approaches and asks, “Is that your pet?” You answer, “No, it’s an Assistance dog.” The server then asks, “What task does he perform... — Updated 6/15/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Where Has All The Rainfall Gone?

You probably noticed we haven't had much rain in Borrego this season. In the 2016 – 17 season, we had nine inches of rain, 50 percent above our average six inches. In this, the 2017 – 18 season, measured at the State Park rain... — Updated 5/15/2018

 By Michael Sadler    Sports

A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Borrego Springs Resort Men's Club President Leon Fuhrman and his wife, Susanna, are snowbirds who spend about half the year away from Borrego Springs. Before taking off for Oregon, the Fuhrmans hosted a salmon/chicken dinner at The... — Updated 5/15/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Aquifer Levels and Quality

In order for Borregans and water administrators to get both a good handle on how much our groundwater table is lowering (and how fast), plus assess trends in water quality around the Borrego Sub-basin as such lowering occurs, our BWD and its technical consultants continue to... — Updated 5/15/2018

 By Michael Sadler    Events

A Fluffle of Kids at Egg-Stavaganza

More than a dozen youngsters from around the Valley gathered with their parents inside the library for an "Egg-Stravaganza" Saturday March 31, anxious to get started in finding as many eggs as possible hidden on shelves and amidst... — Updated 4/4/2018

 By Michael Sadler    Sports

Picking a Pro for Masters Matchup

On the morning of the final day of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, 18 locals traipsed out to the Borrego Springs Resort and played a round of golf. Club pro Charles DeLorey set up the game, and before teeing off, each player picked a pro from the Masters Tournament,... — Updated 4/19/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

ABDNHA Desert Energy Project

If there are Borregans who doubt the possibility of members of non-profit organizations, government agencies, and the private sector all working together in harmonious synchronization towards a common public goal, they should have attended the kick-off meeting of our Desert... — Updated 3/9/2018

 By Michael Sadler    Arts

Neave Trio Leaves Strong Impression

A full house of Borregans experienced the true pleasures of classical music at the Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center Jan. 30, thanks to a superb and varied performance by the Neave Trio. A sweet violin in the hands of Anna Marie Williams (she also has a soothing yet... — Updated 2/2/2018

 By Michael Sadler    Sports

The Borrego "All Girls" Golf Weekend

Everyone should have so much fun when they come to Borrego Springs: Thirty-three women from mid-30's to mid-60's playing nine holes of golf at both the Springs at Borrego RV Resort & Golf Course and The Borrego Springs Resort... — Updated 2/27/2018

 By Michael Sadler    Sports

Golf Pro Amazes at de Anza

It’s still early in the 2017 – 18 golf season, but one player on the Golden State Tour is showing how to get off to a great start, and he did it at the de Anza Country Club Dec. 4 – 5. Jake Knapp from Costa Mesa sank 10 birdies in the seeding qualifier on Dec. 4 (two bogeys... — Updated 1/3/2018



As we head into the New Year, Borregans will, as is always the case, be faced with issues that need to be addressed, some quicker than others. Pesky roosters disturbing sleep is a minor one. Our aquifer situation is a major one. We have two years before submission of our final... — Updated 1/3/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Borrego Film Festival

With regards to the first Borrego Springs Film Festival (BSFF) showing Thursday, Jan. 11, it's safe to say that you don't know her, nor will you ever travel to see her. But there she waits patiently, day after day, year after year.... — Updated 1/22/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Water Boatmen Invade

We are afraid, very afraid. Not of the actual non-biting bugs themselves, called Water Boatmen, arriving of late from the Salton Sea in Borrego via what is called an "irruption," but the mess they have caused in pools and on cars.... — Updated 1/3/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Library Site Prep Begins

It has begun. Site trailers are now in place, opposite the post office, to prepare for construction of the new library by BN Builders, including a management/communications trailer, restrooms, storage containers, a generator, and... — Updated 10/18/2017

 By Michael Sadler    Arts

Borregan Gold

What I call the “treasure map” lay at the bottom of a strongbox in the attic of my family home, placed there a few months before the house went on the market. I’m not a treasure hunter, but rather a 36-year old and recently separated criminal psychologist with no kids. The... — Updated 9/5/2017


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